Practice: The Only Way to Become an Effective Makeup Artist

To be an effective makeup artist, the most important thing that you should bear in mind is practice. It is the most essential preparation since makeup artistry is your skill that should be improved on. To be honest, going to school won’t give you a better job; it is your determination and skills that will bring you to the next level. To be able to master makeup artistry, you should practice on many different people with various eye shapes, face shapes, eye colors, skin colors and even ages. Make sure that you take a photo of all these masterpiece of yours since this will help you later on what areas you need to focus and improve the most, AND how your touch of makeup translates to photographs. As a matter of fact, makeup in real life does not look the same from makeup captures in pictures as it tends to be covered with lights, get washed out and may not appear as vibrant as it really is. From there, you will be able to know which areas you should apply with lesser or more makeup in order to make sure that the next time you do it, you will be able to capture a one of a kind masterpiece.

To be a makeup artist doesn’t mean you have to own tons of expensive makeup, BUT you really need to invest more in a high quality variety of brushes as well as use makeup primers. In fact, using different kinds of brushes most especially for the area around the eyes will give you unique and different looks based on its usage.

Ask your family members, friends, as well as other makeup artists what they can say of your work. Beg them to be completely honest as genuine criticism can improve you a lot in many ways. Yes it hurts but it can definitely make you a better one. Always remember that not all things can be acquired in just a snap. Therefore, in order to be a professional makeup artist, you should start from the scratch and try to climb your career to the top. No successful makeup artist has reached the top without thorough practice. Always remember that practice makes you perfect.

Before handling makeup artistry on your own, consider applying a makeup assistant. This can even be your stepping stone if you will be working with successful and professional makeup artists. Somehow, they can give you clients in the future if they think you are already capable of handling the job yourself. This will also be one of your best opportunities to learn as it is practical and grab the chance to take note of all the techniques that most successful makeup artists are doing.

You can also consider enrolling in makeup artistry training in your area or better yet try if there are available online. You can even watch basic videos online like the brush strokes, shades, complementary colors, makeup brands, and many more that you might think would help you best. There are many things in the internet, go and explore.

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